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Jax and Jokers

1 Hour Design and Development

1 Hour Design and Development

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This purchase is primarily intended for photo restoration and other photography-related tasks, including:
- Photo Restoration
- Color Enhancement
- Photo Clarity
- Open Discussion and Brainstorming
- (Uncertified) Positivity Encouragement Counseling (If you need someone to talk IT IS FREE, just email me at

Our one-on-one sessions are tailored to integrate smoothly with your schedule, often taking place on weekends or evenings for your convenience. This adaptability ensures that you can connect with our specialists when it suits you best. In these interactive sessions, you'll have the chance to design your ideal shirt or hoodie, with our expert providing guidance throughout the process. Additionally, they'll offer useful marketing strategies to aid in your success.

After creating your design with our specialist, you can display and sell it on our platform, with all profits going straight to you. This opportunity enables you to channel your creativity and potentially earn income. The process is straightforward: create your design, list it for sale, and observe as the profits come your way.

Making a purchase with us is more than acquiring a product; it's an entry into a realm of inspiration and guidance. Our one-on-one sessions are designed to maximize your experience, with our specialists dedicated to addressing all your needs comprehensively. Whether you're beginning anew or refining current designs, our support is with you at every juncture.

During this one-hour session, we will delve into:
- Artwork perspective and visual articulation
- Graphic appeal and communication
- Design principles and guidelines
- AI-assisted imaging and wording
- Basic Photoshop and image modification techniques

Please explore alternative plans for improved pricing, deals, and discounts on detailed work. All inquiries regarding payable accounts and deposits will be addressed privately through video chat and email, using encrypted messaging to safeguard both the individual and Jax and Jokers LLC.
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