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Jax and Jokers

3 hour design and development

3 hour design and development

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1-on-1 sessions are live chats at a convenient time that meets your schedule, typically on the weekends or evenings. Receive personalized assistance from an expert to design your ideal shirt or hoodie in real time and observe their every step. They can also provide insights on marketing and various tactics to aid in your success, albeit in minor ways.

Feel free to break up the 3 hours into several sessions at your convenience.

After crafting your design with our specialist, the opportunities are limitless. You have the option to market your designs on our platform and retain full profits. This empowers you to showcase your creativity while also offering a chance for financial gain. It's an opportunity to design, launch, and then relax, secure in the knowledge that your creation is out there, leaving a mark.

Your purchase goes beyond a mere 1-on-1 session; it's an entryway to personalized assistance in discovering your inspiration and actualizing your concepts. Our specialists are dedicated to maximizing your experience, frequently extending beyond the allotted time to ensure comprehensive coverage. Whether your aim is to innovate or refine existing creations, we stand by to facilitate your journey, empowering you with the assurance to delve into your creative pursuits.
During this three-hour session, we will comprehensively cover the following topics:
- Setting up an artist tribute page (primarily completed post-session)
- Perspectives on artwork and visual expression
- Crafting your mini-autobiography (sharing your story and the origins of your art)
- Communication through graphic appeal
- Design principles and guidelines
- Utilizing AI for image generation and phrasing
- Understanding market and customer psychology to enhance customer engagement
- Extensive use of Photoshop and image editing techniques
- Availability-based access to select new design tools
Please explore alternative plans for improved pricing, deals, and discounts on detailed work. For all payments and deposits, inquiries will be addressed confidentially via video chat and email using encrypted messaging to safeguard both the individual and Jax and Jokers LLC.
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