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Jax and Jokers

Rasta Rosary

Rasta Rosary

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Ok, this is probably one, if not the proudest piece I've ever made.

This rosary is a testament to unparalleled craftsmanship, with 69 unique pieces that go beyond the conventional 59. Each element symbolizes the absence of 10 apocryphal books of the Bible, creating a vivid portrayal of the Rastafarian ideology, which emphasizes the spiritual significance of these missing texts. Holding this rosary, you'll feel its weight, a compelling reminder of the enduring struggle and divine grace that resonate within the Rastafarian community, a community deeply rooted in faith and resilience.

  • This piece includes the blessed number 5 (the number of Grace) for the section with skulls and Rasta colors.
  •  Plus, the two gold-plated stainless steel spacers on the end make it the 7 (the number of completions).
  • There are 13 groups of stones representing the earliest dated calendar, which had 13 months and 13 zodiac signs.After extensive studies, I genuinely think this piece honors all who have fallen victim to oppression and inequity.


  • I chose Blood Jade to represent the blood of the murdered in the struggle.
  • The Green tiger's eye represents the fertile land of Ethiopia and the motherland of Africa. 
  • I used Golden-wired Agate to describe the African people and their spirit. The choice of Agate, with its warm golden hues, reflects the resilience and strength of the African people. I chose the brass pieces on the ends, a material often associated with strength and durability, to further emphasize this symbolism. 
  • Brass and golden-colored skulls face each other with the Rasta colors in between as if they still protect their people even in death. The skulls, a common symbol of mortality, represent the Rastafarian belief in the continuity of life beyond death. The Rasta colors, red, yellow, and green, symbolize the Rastafarian principles of love, peace, and unity. 
  • Of course, the symbolic psilocybin mushroom is a symbol of humility and grace in their own efforts to reach a closer understanding of God through spiritual plants and herbs. In Rastafarian culture, the use of certain plants and herbs, including the psilocybin mushroom, is seen as a means to deepen spiritual connection and understanding, a practice rooted in humility and respect for the natural world.


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